Pre-Order Thornless Blackberry Plants

I once again have an unique opportunity for pre-order Thornless Champion Blackberry plants! The roots are mature, and at least 1 foot tall (they have been topped to help promote summer growth). The plants are planted in 1.5 gallon pots. There is a good chance of getting fruit this fall from them, though it will most likely not be until next year that they will set fruit. They are comparable to Prime Ark and Triple Crown. They are slightly tart, however, they are among the hardiest and longest setting Blackberry, giving many thumb-sized berries.
I am asking $8.00 each, or 10 or more at $7.00 each. YOU WILL NEED TO SUMBMIT ME YOUR ORDER BY THE DEADLINE OF SUNDAY, MARCH 12, BY 8:00pm. I will know soon when I will have them, though it will probably be two weeks from now. They will be available for pick up at the Ashland City Tractor Supply. If you cannot make it to the TSC, then we can arrange to meet somewhere else. If I get some orders in
Kingston Springs, then I will deliver to the Library down there.
I will also have Nanking Bush Cherries. They are $5.00each. They are not much to look at now, however, if planted this spring, they can easily grow 3+ feet by the fall. You can pre-order these just as the Blackberries.
If you have any questions, please let me know. I will be posting answers to questions and other berry facts on my website. Go to Pre-Orders at the top of the menu page, mouse over the button, and then select either “Blackberries” or “Cherries” to learn more about them.

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