Hello all!
We will start CSA boxes next week. So we need to know who is still interested in receiving CSA boxes.
To recap, CSA boxes stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Basically we can deliver you produce once or twice a month for $25 a box. We guarantee a minimum of 15 pounds, and we averaged about 30 pounds last year. our smallest box was 21 pounds, and our biggest was 52 pounds.
What you get and how much depends on what’s in season. Most the time you get your big ticket items like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. And then whatever is in season is used to help fill the rest of the Box. Whether it be plums, or strawberries, or peaches, or watermelons, or broccoli, or apples.
We do make sure you get a nice selection. So you don’t end up with a 30-pound box containing 12 pounds of tomatoes and peppers. For example, you might get three different types of tomatoes, usually about a pound to half a pound of each, a few peppers, a watermelon, a head of lettuce, a pint of plums, or other similar measurements.
There is a limited number of slots for CSA boxes! I need to know as soon as possible.
As per usual, there is no contract. You can drop out whenever you want. However, I do ask that you give me a 10-day notice. If you did not give me a heads up, you will still be asked to purchase the Box.
Delivery status has also changed. There will be a small charge on all delivered CSA boxes. Probably only two or three dollars, mostly to help cover gas. There are some exceptions, however. Those of you that are at UMPH, will have yours delivered free of charge. If you purchase two or more boxes, there’ll likely be no charge. What I would recommend, is picking up your boxes from me at Tractor Supply every Sunday. This is the easiest way, and guarantees you get your produce as soon as possible and at its highest quality., and there is no delivery charge. If you have any questions, we can try to work something out.
And starting now! Now we have a special. For every person that you get to sign up for a CSA box, you will get $5 off your first box. So you can have them contact me and tell them to tell me that you were the ones who sent them my way, or as I would recommend, simply buy extra CSA boxes and deliver them. This special will last 10 days.
If you all have any questions, you can email me at densonplantsproduce@gmail.com, or you can call me at 615-584-4630. You can also visit me on Facebook, simply look up Ethan Denson. Or you can visit my website, densonplantsproduce.wordpress.com/ . I have pictures of some of the boxes out there.
Also, for those of you not interested in the boxes, but are simply interested in produce, I will have produce available for pre-order or individual sale at Tractor Supply every Sunday.
Thank You All!
Ethan Denson
Denson Plants & Produce 

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