Produce For Sale!

This week I have many new items! The prices I post on here will still be the same come Sunday, June 11, when I am selling at the Ashland City Tractor Supply from 12-3pm.

You can reserve produce, and I will have your order waiting for you this Sunday.

You can have produce delivered, there is a shipping and handling charge.

Green Cabbage $1.50head (Each head is about 4lbs)

Bell Pepper, Green 1.50lb (Either 3 large or 5 small peppers)

Green Beans $2.00lb

Red Beets $2.50lb

Red Tomatoes $2.00lb

Large Red Salad Tomatoes $2.50

Yellow Squash $1.00lb

Zucchini $1.00lb


Yellow Zucchini

Red Potatoes

Candy Onions

CSA Boxes are in! They will be available for pick up this Sunday at TSC, or by appointment.

If you wish to sign up for Boxes, it is $25.00 per bi-monthly box, or $30.00 for the monthly box.

I also have many new plants available!

The new CSA BI-MONTHLY newsletter is available! If you wish to subscribe, please let me know

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