Summer crops are rolling in! Below is the list of available produce.

If we get enough orders from ya’ll at UMPH, we will deliver this afternoon. Otherwise, produce will be delivered Monday. I will be at the Ashland City Tractor Supply this Sunday 12-3pm. Deliveries to Pleasant View will be made either Friday or Tuesday.


Green Zucchini $1.00lb

Yellow Squash $1.00lb

Red Tomatoes $2.00lb

Heirloom Stuffing Tomatoes (Carls Cavern Tomatoes) $3.00lb

Heirloom Cukes $1.00 each

Goddess Cantaloupe (about 2.5lbs each) $1.50ea, or 2 for $2.50

Red Potatoes $2.00lb



CSA only items include;


June Apples


Green Bell Peppers

I will email the Newsletter out this afternoon.

Also, we have an opportunity for pre-order blueberries! These berries are shipped in from New Jersey, but in the past they have been large, ripe, delicious berries. ORDERS ARE DUE SUNDAY, JUNE 25, BY 8:30!

I hope to pick them up Monday, July 10, and have them ready for pickup starting the following Tuesday evening. You can pick them up that day at the Ashland City Tractor Supply, or we can arrange to meet somewhere.

The Blueberries will be $3.50 a pound, $3.25 for 5+ pounds, or $62.00 for a 20pound box.

This unique opportunity will only be possible if I get sufficient orders.

Thank You All, And Have A Blessed Day!

Ethan Denson

Denson Plants & Produce

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