Denson Plants & Produce

We are dedicated to supplying you with high quality, inexpensive produce, and promoting CSA Boxes for the good of the community.


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We will be at the Ashland City Farmers Market Saturday. I plan on having my regular assortment of produce in addition to my herbs, flowers, and ornamentals.

As a few items of interest;
Heirloom Carrots
Butternut Squash
Colored Bell Peppers
Herb Flats
Bay Trees
Perennial Hibiscus
And Much More
In addition to all this, I will be doing pre-orders this week.
You can get local Peaches, grown in Adams TN, at 2.25lb, or 6+lbs at $2.00lb. These are soft, ripe, delicious peaches
XLG Juicing Carrots.
These are Huge Carrots, great for juicing, cooking, or eating. You can get them at $1.00lb, or 5+lbs at $0.85lb.
Romaine Leaf Lettuce
$1.25ea or 5+ at $1.00ea.
I will need your order no later than 5:00pm Friday evening.
I will not be at Tractor Supply Sunday.

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