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Winter CSA Program!

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I apologize for these last six weeks of silence. A lot has happened in these last few weeks. Here in the next few weeks we will have pre-order blueberries, seeds, and plants!

Right now, however, we are pulling together a brand new CSA Winter Program!

Most of this produce is coming from restaurant supply. The produce I get from restaurant supply is so high quality and fresh that many folks believe it is fresh Summer produce.

These Boxes won’t be as big as the Summer Boxes. They will average about 15 pounds. I plan on having the popular items like tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and citrus, with seasonal item like carrots, lettuce, and berries, and one or two odd items per Box.

I need at least eight Box orders per delivery week to justify this Program. I hope to start this program next Saturday, the week before Thanksgiving, so if you are interested, please let me know before Friday. You can get them every other week at $25 a Box, or once a month at $30 a Box. There might also be options for a weekly Box.

The Boxes will be picked up at the Ashland City Tractor Supply, or I may be able to deliver.

Also, I will have Thanksgiving specials on all my produce. Send me your shopping list and I will send you prices.


Ethan Denson

Denson Plants & Produce

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