~~~UPDATE 7/25/2020~~~


Sadly, I haven’t updated the website in a while. However, that will change!

Here is what has happened sine I last updated on here:

I continued selling at Tractor Supply through 2018, attempting to open stands in other locations, as well as trying honor stands. This was also the year I started college. I decided to start the fall semester so by quitting my job with Lady of the Garden Landscaping, to focus on my education and business.

2019 we hit the ground running. Unfortunately, juggling the 13 locations i was setting up at very week was becoming to much to handle as well as maintaining my grades. That, business income starts to drop. I realize how little Im making for myself, and after some awful incidents with my health, I decide to close for a while. I get a job at Tractor Supply (the very same location that graciously allowed me to sell in their parking lot for 9 years).

2020 starts, and I entertain the idea about reopening, but I get accepted for a paid work study under some influential professors at Kansas State University. I decide to not open since I will be leaving the state for five months.

Then COVID hit, and summer plans got canceled.

I got a new job at the Robertson/ Cheatham Co-Op, and slowly built up my savings. Now I am starting my final year for my bachelors degree. I want to work for myself and the community again. Which brings us to now.




We are a family run, local business. We started out about 9 years ago, purchasing bulk produce for the family, and then selling the extra. We went door-to-door, over much of north Ashland City, selling our wares and strengthening local community values by delivering healthy, fresh produce.

About four years ago, we built a simple hoop house simply for family use. A year later, needing to raise money for an Eagle Project, we went out seeking to sell plants. Tractor Supply graciously allowed us to sell out side their store. This was the beginning of Denson Plants and Produce.

The plants were so popular, we decided to continue doing produce until business stopped coming. By November of 2014, we were making plans to set up again in 2015.

2015 was our trial year. If we did well, we would continue, if not, selling would simply stay a hobby we partook of every once in a while. That year was so successful, that in 2016 we were back, and under the name of Denson Plants & Produce!

Now it is 2017, and we are still supplying the community with high quality, fresh produce at inexpensive prices. One of our most popular products, CSA Boxes, are back, and you can find out more about them by clicking CSA Boxes. We also do Bulk Produce , and Small Sales, which can be viewed on the Home Page.

You can contact us at denson.plants.produce@gmail.com, or visit us at the Ashland City Tractor Supply when the season starts (check blog posts and calendar).

We thank you all who have been supporting us. We would not be where we are if it were not for you. We will continue to supply the  fresh, high quality plants and produce that everyone loves.


Denson Plants & Produce

Ethan Denson, Elton Denson, Christopher Denson


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