Good Day, Y’all! I am excited to announce that we are seriously considering reopening the business this fall in in actual store front location in Ashland City! I am currently reaching out and talking to the community to see if this is a possibility in the next couple of weeks! We have found a possible brick and mortar location, and I have been working with farmers, gardeners, and suppliers across the state for some time now, all I need to know is if y’all would like to see such a venture in… Read More


Good Day! I am testing the new website layout! Let me know what yall think. Thanks!


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Big Event!

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May 2018 Class!

May2018 Class

Berry Presenation

Blueberry Presenation

Updated Catalog!

The 2018 Seed Catalog has been updated again! It now includes a pre-order tree service! All of the trees are about 18″-24″ tall with a 1/4″-3/8″ diameter depending on the variety. The root system is about the size of your hand. All will be delivered bare root the first week of March.  I will need orders in by February 20th! You can mix and match. 1-24 will be $7.00 each, and 25+ will be $6.00 each.  I can pot your trees at an additional cost of $4.00 a plant.  If you have any questions, please let me… Read More

Seed Catalog!

Hello! Many new and exciting things are coming our way this year! In this email alone, blueberry, seed, and seedling pre-orders become available! Let us begin! Blueberries! I once again have the unique opportunity to supply you with blueberries! These are all Rabbit Eye variety, meaning they are the best suited for our Tennessee environment. As a matter of fact, most of the late bearing plants I sold last January produced that same year! There are eight types available; Climax, Premier, Prince, Austin, Brightwell, Powder Blue, Tif-Blue, Ochlocknee. For more information on these blueberries,… Read More

Blueberry Plant Pre-Orders

Hello! I have an unique opportunity for pre-ordered Blueberry plants! I have 9 different types of blueberry plants. They are 2 year plants, at least 2 feet tall, with the Premier topping 3 feet. The plants are planted in 1.5 gallon pots. The plants set fruit last year, and will set again this year. This year, however, I will have 50 Climax, Brightwell, Powderblue, and Climax that will be 3 years old and 3+ feet tall. these will be sold first come first serve. The Blueberry Plants that are available are; Climax, Premier, Prince, Austin,… Read More