CSA Boxes

~~~Update 7/25/2020~~~

We still do the CSA Boxes, unfortuently, I never did take good pictures of them nor did I communicate about them well. However, THAT WILL CHANGE! I will post update about them soon. I will share, however, last year we averaged 37 pounds a box, excluding melons and pumpkins (cause, well, that’s cheating :)).



CSA Boxes~~
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.
Basically, We make bi-monthly trips top get new produce. I get produce soley to fill CSA Boxes. Any produce left over is offered for individual sale.
With that being said, a lot of the produce is used only for the CSA Boxes. Otherwise, in a way,
CSA-er’s get first dibs on produce.
We guarantee a minimum of 15 pounds for $25.00. Thus far, we have been averaging about 28 ponds a box. In a translation, we guarantee produce at a price no more than $1.67 a pound. We have been averaging $1.12.
We have a few boxes that have weighed more than 45 pounds.Latest Box
This Box weigh about 35 pounds.

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